Thursday, May 15, 2008

Game 3 Review / Game 4 Outlook

The penguins entered game 3 in Philly looking to bring the same intensity and solid play that landed them a home ice sweep during games 1 & 2 at the igloo. The Pen's got on the board early with a power-play goal by Ryan Whitney at 5:03 of the first period. The scoring followed with 2 goals by Marian Hossa and a tally from Ryan Malone. RJ Umberger scored the lone Flyers goal.

This game for the most part was full of dominating play from the penguins within their own zone and a cut throat throttling offensive attack. Even with a 3 game lead , History shows that their lead is hardly a lock for the finals and the Penguins players need to stay focused ( as hard as that is ) on the task at hand.

"You just kind of keep your head down, keep working and, hopefully, good things will happen," Defenseman Rob Scuderi said. "So far, it's worked well for us."

Game 4 Outlook

Game 4 is shaping up to be the finale in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Flyers are gasping for air and the Penguins need to suck the life right out of them and they need to do it NOW. Gary Roberts wont be in the lineup so look for Adam Hall to take his spot again on the 4th line. Hopefully this one does not get ugly but if it does i hope Hartnell gets his face rearranged by BGL.

Go Pens

Pirollo's Peak Performer Game 3

# 18 Marian Hooosssaaa

2 g, 4 SOG, + 1

What a fantastic game by Big Poppa Pump capped off by an empty net goal to seal the deal for the flightless birds. As always he was ferocious on the forecheck and caused mayhem all night in the offensive zone. The you me and dupuis line is really started to click ( ala the steel city line from earlier this year). Boy i hope the longer we play the better the chance of Marian taking a hometown discount as a trade off for winning multiple cups....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hockey God Update

Winger Gary Roberts is DOUBTFUL for game 3 tonight in Philadelphia. He did not take part in the game day skate.

Insert Adam Hall in his lineup spot if he is unable to go.

Pirollo's Peak Performer Game 2

# 25 Mad Max

1 G, 1 sog, + 1

Mad Max was really flying all over the ice showing no ill effects of that broken foot suffered in the rangers series. He is instrumental to The Penguins success in the playoffs and gel's really well with scary gary and big georges on the 4th line. Spirited game indeed

Game 2 Review / Game 3 Outlook

The Penguins widened their series lead to 2-0 with a 4-2 win over the Flyers sunday night at Mellon Arena. This game featured at times suspect play by The Penguins, but nothing that a good playoff team couldnt over come. Lead by goals from Sidney Crosby, Marian Hossa, Max Talbot, and an Empty Netter By Gronk ( Jordan Staal.), The Pen's were able to weather the Flyers storm and send the series back to Philly with a sour taste in the Flyers mouth.

The game was full of give-aways and lackluster passing at times, however it was nothing to be alarmed of just yet... The Penguins players know that they were lucky to come out on top of this one, and if they play another uninspired game like this they may not be so lucky.

"It wasn't our best game," "But we found a way to win. And that's what good teams do." Said Penguins Center Jordan Staal.

Scary Gary had this to offer.

"It's nice that we found a way to win, but we're going to have to be a little better than we were tonight," Winger Gary Roberts said. "We don't want to win like that every night."

Looking Ahead

Game 3 should prove to be the turning point in the series. The Flyers backs are against the wall and are poised to scrape for a win by any means necessary. The Penguins need to play their game and stick to their defensive system and all will be well. DO NOT get caught up in the goonery which no doubt will be coming in the form of that sorry ass puke Scott Hartnell.

Lets go Pens

Geno for Con Smythe

Friday, May 9, 2008

NHL Eastern Conference Finals Predictions & Performers

Well well well... It looks like rocky has felt the Penguins wrath, maybe he can give the Flyers some pointers.... ha ha.

This Eastern Conference finals has the making of a true classic. The hated rivalry and storied history of each of these franchises should prove for an outstanding series. Look for a high offensive output from the Penguins big guns as Philly ( without Timonen ) does not have the mobile defense needed to to shut them down. If it turns into a defensive checking game the only remedy in my opinion is to compensate with MORE Malkin and Crosby. Mike Richards and his gigantic contract ( gag) can only be in one place at one time. Laraque, Ruutu, and Roberts are coming for you Hartnell....

Prediction: Penguins in 5

Key Performers


Mike Richards

Wow. Is he really more then a glorified 3rd line center? If you put him on the Penguins he would be the 4th line center. Be that as it may, he is still a decent defensive hockey player with some offensive flair in the John Madden mold. He will almost certainly be deployed against the Crosby line.

Martin Biron

A glorified back-up getting the chance to finally play in the playoffs. Marty is a decent goalie who has fared well at times against the 'Guins. He is a headcase which should prove an easy challenge for Jarkko and the gang inside the crease. Sorry Marty, if Henrik Struggled, imagine how tough its going to be for you... making a call to Ron Hextall will not help you now.....

Scott Hartnell

This wiley little punk has been a known agitator who can chip in offensively. He is a dirty player and will stop at nothing to get a little revenge on Sarge for rearranging his face back in the regular season. Just like the Pens did with Avery; ignore him, he will go away.


Marc-Andre Fleury

(Career vs Philly ) Games - 18, Wins/Loss 15-2-1 , Shutouts - 2 , GAA- 2.58, Sv% - .913

Enough said.

Marian Hossa

Big Poppa Pump has finally got the proverbial playoff monkey off his back.. The telepathy between he and Crosby is scary. Look for big things....

Sergei Gonchar

The Sarge needs to come up huge in the series. He makes everything happen for the Penguins powerplay and given the Flyers tendency to take up residence inside the penalty box, he should get a ton of chances. We need to see the angry Sarge that pummeled Hartnell right in the face.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Game 5 Review

The Penguins jumped out to a 2-0 nothing lead halfway through the second period on goals by Marian Hossa and a sweet back-hand goal By Evgeni Malkin. The Rangers countered by scoring 2 goals in less then 2 minutes apart in the third period to bring the game to a tie at the end of regulation. It was Marian Hossa however who shined beating Lundqvist 5 hole scoring his second goal of the game at the 7:10 mark of overtime.

Game 5 was a bit of a coming out party for Hossa who has been deemed a playoff slouch in previous seasons. His teammates and on man in particular General Manager Ray Shero who sent 2 roster forwards , a highly touted prospect, and a 1st round pick to land him at the winter trade deadline could not be happier with his success.

"Getting the series-winner, geez, it's hard to write a better script than that for him," general manager Ray Shero said.

"I think you're going to see bigger and better things from him," left winger Ryan Malone said.

The Penguins now have 2 bonifide top scoring lines. There is not a team in the entire NHL that can match The Pen's Firepower. The have gone from legitimate cup contenders to cup favorites before our very eyes. To win as they did in game 5 will go along way to build their mental makeup.

Look out Filthadelphia the Penguins will be in the cup finals before you know what hits you.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pirollo's Peak Performer Game 5

# 18 Marian Hossa

2 Goals, 5 SOG , #1

What a game by big pappa pump. This is the player we thought we acuired at the trade deadline. He was a monster at both ends of the ice not to mention the nifty OT winning goal. The Chemistry is there between him and Crosby. Look out Marty Biron... look out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pirollo's Peak Performer Game 4

# 30 Henrik Lundvqist
29 Saves , Shutout.
King Henrik really stole game 4 for The Rangers. He made some jaw-dropping acrobatic saves that make you realize exactly why he is a Vezina Finalist. The only chance the rangers have albeit a slim one, is for Henrik to play lights out.

Game 4 Review

The penguins entered Madison square garden Thursday looking to dispose of the rangers with a second straight playoff series sweep. Unfortunately the blue shirts had a something to say about that.

The rangers led by a 3 point performance from Jaromir Jagr , and a breathtaking 29 save performance by Henrik Lundvqist sent the series back to Pittsburgh for game 5. The game was filled with dominating defense play by the rangers as well as a lackluster performance by the flightless birds. The Penguins looked like a completely different team then we have grown accustomed to.

"For whatever reason, we didn't play the way we used to play, the first three games," Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar said. "We turned the puck over a lot. I don't know. Maybe it's a lack of experience."

I would say that a combination of bad play by the penguins and superb play by King Henrik led to the penguins demise in game 4. ( not to mention a little help for the rangers from Toronto when they were reviewing the non goal call on Malkins breakaway.)

Now is not the time to panic however the Pen's know exactly what they have to do in order to respond after such lack luster efforts.

"We had a couple of sloppy games during the year," "And we usually answer pretty good." Said Penguins winger Jarkko Ruutu

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Penguins need to seize the oppurtunity

The Penguins enter game four at Madison square garden this evening needing one win to advance to the eastern conference finals , and record their second straight series sweep of the 08 playoffs. Some would say winning tonight in game 4 would be a great accomplishment, how ever it is not necessary given the 3-0 lead and games that would be remaining. Me ? im not sure if I agree...

Lets face it .The Penguins are on a roll right now that has only been seen by the likes of the great dynasty teams of the 70's and 80's. Ever facet of the game has been spot on from the penalty killing to the power play, to even strength and goal tending, this team is firing on all cylinders. The last thing you would want is an interuption in their quest for the cup. Last years beat down in Ottawa during the first round was a gigantic reason The Penguins are where they are today. They faced adversity and weren't so lucky, but this year has been a whole different ball game.

"They're much more mature than last year","They've got way more composure. This is a team that's comfortable playing with the lead in the third period, which is really a challenge for a young team. They believe in themselves. They believe in the way they play. And when they play with a lead they're very tough to play against." Said Penguins Head Coach Michel Therrien.

The Pen's need to win tonight in order to solidify themselves as the favorite for the cup in not only The Eastern Conference but in the NHL. By sweeping the second series it will allow ailing players to rest as well as more time to prepare for their next round opponent. The last thing you would want to do is brighten the light at the end of the Rangers dark dreary Playoff tunnel.

The Penguins have a wonderful opportunity ! Winning now is just simply the only way to go.

Possible Line-up Change

Talbot is out. Which means Gary will be let out of his cage.
Scuderi was also injured blocking a shot so Sydor skated with the defense today.
It's a shame we have to lose two quality players for THREE Stanley Cup Rings.